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About Us

Who We Are

My name is Wendy Weisenbach. I live on a small farm in southeast Indiana.

I married my highschool sweetheart, Jim, in 1990 and we started to build our homestead.

We have 7 children & recently added our first grandchild to the family!

My husband holds a full time job off the farm. This leaves me, & mainly my oldest son, to take care of the farm.

On our farm we strive to be as self sufficient as we can. We raise a variety of animals.

We have:

Dairy goats

Pygmy goats


Pot bellied pigs







3 dogs

Numerous barn cats

We also raise pigs every summer for butchering in the fall. We take orders & usually have them all sold out before butcher time. If available we do sell the extra meat here at the farm.

We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens every year & sell those processed. Our chickens are fed an unmedicated feed. We put them in chicken tractors when big enough. A chicken tractor is just a movable pen in the pasture. Here they are still fed the unmedicated feed, but also have access to grass & bugs. They are moved to fresh grass as needed. This makes a wonderful tasting chicken when processed.


We also do a few turkeys every fall. Like the chickens, they are eventually put out in the pasture to have access to grass, bugs, & just room to roam.

Our rabbits are meat rabbits & we also sell those processed. We raise mainly New Zealand & California breeds. We also sell them live to people wanting to raise their own. Some also go to 4-H kids for fair. 

We sell chicken eggs & also goose & duck eggs when we have them. I love to hatch babies out every spring & often have them available too.

We milk our dairy goats. We have a license to sell milk for pet use. I also make goat milk soap & lotion with the milk. This is available in my farm store. 

My dream was always to have a farm store, I wanted to offer home made & home grown products. Visit our product page for a list of what we have to offer from our farm.

I love to plant a variety of things in my garden & we also have berries & fruit trees. Produce is available when I have extra. I can & preserve a large amount of our harvest. I love everything about homemade & made from scratch. Providing my family with food that is wholesome without all the added extras is important to me. While our children are all grown with only a few at home yet, I still preserve enough for them to come back home to shop if they want or need too.

I like knowing how my food was raised. What the animals ate & how they were processed. While a majority of the animals we raise are destined for the table, I know that they were well cared for & enjoyed a good life with plenty of food & little to no stress. Our beef & pork we send off to a local butcher, Turkeys, chickens, & rabbits are processed here.

I like to garden as natural as possible. Rabbit manure is the only fertilizer my garden receives. It is absolutely the best manure for your garden! Each year I try to add more to what I grow. I want to be able to offer fresh produce to those that don't have a place to grow their own.

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